Week 8: Get Visual - Let a Picture Tell a Story

When it comes to social media and being visual with my hypothetical floral business, I think most social media platforms would help me "tell a story" with my business.

I think the platforms that would work best for showcasing floral arrangements, designs and products would be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the most popular visual platforms that nearly everyone has access to. I think they naturally lend themselves to being a visual medium, especially Instagram since the platform is essentially the Facebook of picture posting. Pinterest would probably be a good idea as well, though I'm not as familiar with how the platform works compared to others. As for YouTube, I think it could be beneficial if I decided to teach a tutorial on how to create something, but I think that would probably have better engagement on Facebook or even Instagram, since again, those seem to be more popular for pictures and stories versus videos.

I don&…

Week 7B: Engaging Your Customers

Below is a screenshot of my scheduled posts for my business "The Tilted Tulip."
I think these posts will engage my audience because they're each different.

The meaning behind a flower is particularly interesting and appeals to a wider range audience.
The succulent pumpkins appeals to anyone looking for a different approach to fall decor and the picture really stood out to me.
I decided to try a poll because I think it would be a unique way to get customer feedback. Instead of wasting my time by offering tutorials on both, why not get direct responses from my customers to see which they'd rather prefer?

Week 7: Engaging Your Facebook Customers

Here is a list of the business I chose to "like" from my business page.

1.) Arrangements Floral & Party Designs
This seemed like an obvious choice given that my business is geared toward floral arrangements. This could be a business I do work with or a business competitor that I can monitor or draw inspiration or ideas from.

2.) Pacific Event Productions
I chose this business because as a floral design company, I think working closely with party or event production companies could be beneficial in promoting my business.

3.) Details Darling
This is a wedding planning company that seems to be pretty popular on Facebook. I chose to like them because it could be a potential business partnership or somewhere I could draw ideas from.

4.) Floral Design Magazine
This magazine features various floral arrangement designs.

5.) Evergreen Nursery
Since most of my customers are likely to be women, I thought following a flower nursery would be a good idea.

6.) Flower Magazine
This see…

Week 6: Setting Up Facebook Business Page/Defining Post Reach & Engagement

For this assignment, I chose to create a fictional business called "The Titled Tulip." I've always enjoyed creating floral arrangements so I thought this would be a fun business to try out. 
As for the difference between Post Reach and Post Engagement, it's pretty simple. Post reach is simply how many people you're Facebook post has reached. It doesn't matter if it's through paid advertising or if it happens organically, on someone's timeline.  Post Engagement is a measurement of how many people interacted with whatever you posted. If it was a video, how many people clicked and watched? If it was a photo, how many people "liked" it. 
Knowing the difference between the two is important because they measure different things and depending on what your business offers, the difference could be important. Post Reach is a great tool to see how many timelines your business is popping up on, but truthfully, the more important tool is the Engagement. Busi…

Week 5A: Defining Your Target Market

For this week's assignment, I'm comparing the differences between Myrtle Creek Botanical Garden and Armstrong Garden Centers.

Starting with Myrtle Creek, you immediately get the vibe that this is a smaller, homey nursery likely targeting women between the age of 30-65. Specifically, women who perhaps enjoy a rustic, quaint atmosphere. The fact that they offer seminars on various gardening and horticulture topics, also leads me to believe they're marketing to older woman, perhaps retired, who have free time to participate in these seminars.

As for the psychographics, it seems they value history given the fact they've maintained an authentic carriage and plantation house that appears to be a big attraction of the botanical garden. They also advertise their cafe, which offers "farm-fresh, locally-grown ingredients." This is targeting local customers who like to shop local but it's also targeting the health conscious consumers.

As for Armstrong Garden Centers…

Week 4B: Principles of Good Social Media Design

Below are links and explanations of two websites I frequently use.

1.) Surfline (

I try to surf three to four times a week and using a website like Surfline makes it easy. Surfline allows its user to access surf cameras to get live pictures of what the surf looks like in real time. It also tells you what the surf forecast is, the water temperature, the type of wetsuit recommended and even the tide and wind forecasts.

I really like the website because it's easy to navigate. Everything is broken up into categories. The "Cams and Reports" section is organized in such a way that makes it VERY easy to find what you're looking for. The same goes for the "Forecast" section. You simply select your continent, then the state, the region and from there, it breaks up the popular beaches within that area. All of the key information is posted for each surf break. Things like swell direction, wind, surf height and the tide are all listed, making …

Week 4A: Principles of Good Social Media Design

Problem Websites:

First and foremost, this site is extremely busy! Three problems right off the bat include the crawling text, the amount of pictures posted and then overall organization. For me, it makes it incredibly difficult to figure out where anything is because I have to scroll slowly through the entire site just to read what's posted.

I think having less tabs on the left side would help. Instead of posting everything category imaginable, post everything under one general category titled "Services" and then other tabs depending on the material. I think it would make it a lot easier to navigate the website and a lot more user friendly.  I also think it would serve users better if there wasn't so many pictures. Pictures are fine, but this seems like overload and it's distracting. Perhaps maybe a couple pictures here and there, reflecting the work this service provides would improve the overall aesthetics.

2.) http://gatesnfenc…